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Worldwide Moving

Worldwide Moving Service

* Type of Moving Service

We, I.P. Dongsoh Express Co., Ltd. will service as you faithful servant who cares you members of lovely family throughout all procedures ranging from packing of you  precious cargos for move viva transport and customs clearance to secured delivery of them to final destination.

■ Door to Door Service

  ● full Service (Inside Delivery)

This is the most popular services available for consignors like you. It is also  special service in w=which our personnel disassemble and pack any article for delivery at home in Korea, and then delivers it to another’s home perfectly at destination via transport, customs clearance,, shipping and final customs clearance at destination, which is also followed even by the assembly and placement of article  delivered.

This service is in same context with so-called ‘packed moving service’ in Korea, which allows you get our service at rest as if to move in Korea. You can trust and use our Full Service without any care because of our partnership with on-site branches and agencies.

  ● Side Work Service(Outside Delivery)

This is the service in which our personnel disassemble and pack any article for delivery at home in Korea, and then delivers it just to another home  at destination via transport, customs clearance, shipping and final customs clearance at destination.

There is no problem with small quantity of cargo in practice, but if there is large quantity of cargo,, you may feel somewhat cumbersome with it, because extra personnel should be employed on site.

■ Door to Door Service

This is the service in which our personnel disassemble and pack any article for delivery at home in Korea, and also carries it to the port at destination via transport, customs clearance and shipping, while consignor himself pay custom clearance fee (freight charges),, DDC, fork lift charge and tariff incurred on site at destination, and then pick up the cargo from the customs or logistics warehouse.

That is way this service is charged somewhat more inexpensively, but it is not way for you to easily rely on as service in terms of psychological burden, other incident at expense, time loss, etc… However, this is a good way for you to spend less expense in delivering small quantity of article to your relatives on site at destination, if applicable.

Procedure of Moving Service

■ Surveying and quotation

If you contact us for any plan or schedule of outbound move, ,our logistic expert visit our home as first hand in desired hours and consult you with considerations such transport procedures, estimated expenses and necessary articles, while also guiding you in cost-sufficient and easy move to abroad.

  • Packing at home-packing

When packing date is determined our skilled experts in packing work with in-packing at your home in your presence, and may also conduct out-packing, if any, at our logistics warehouse. For packing, it is important that you keep precious metals, cash and the like at a special place. When the packing is completed, be sure to confirm packing list and article certification (quantity, packing conditions, etc.) and keep a copy of packing list as well.

  •  Arrangement for packing

First of all, please sort out the articles to carry apart from those to be left, and take any document of interest like passport, airline ticket and written agreements with you so you can carry them on board. Next, sort out furniture and bedclothes to carry with you, and if you pack personal article for yourself, please be sure to indicate their contents on the face of box, and for other goods, just indicate ones to carry with you.

For liquid articles, we put them into aluminum container available from our company. For refrigerator and washing machine, pull out their power codes not later than one day before packing and removed any moisture inside them.

  • How to Pack

※ Packing at consignor’s home-in-packing with carton box dedicated for export packing.

※ Packing in wooden crating – For any cargo requiring special cares, it is first in-packed at consignor’s’ home and delivered to export packing factory. Then it is stored in wooden crating made at factory before loading into container for shipping.

■ Transport-domestic transport

When packing is completed, the cargo for move is loaded on site directly into container for transport to Busan on Inchon port, if it involves fill container works, while if the cargo involves less container works, it is picked up to our logistics warehouse and packed in wooden crating, if necessary, before transport to container freight station (CFS) as cargo collection area  specified in Busan.

  • Customs clearance, shipping and marine transport

For the cargo delivered to Busan CFS or container yard (CY), certificate of export declared is issued following the process of customs clearance for export. The cargo cleared from customs is shipped into vessel in accordance with reserved shipping schedule for marine transport.

When shipping is completed, the consignor pays ocean freight to shipping company and is issued the bill of lading.

Bill of lading (B/L) is a document of concern, which means the ownership of cargo. Moreover, it is very critical and required document for taking over cargo from shipping company at destination. So it is directly forwarded to our agency at destination, while a copy of B/L and packing list is forwarded specially to the owner of cargo.

   • Unloading and Customs clearance at Destination

The person in charge at our agency on site, who received those shipping documents, contact the consignor to give arrival notice of cargo to him and guide him in documents required for customs clearance of cargo at destination.

When container vessel arrives at destination port, the cargo is stored in container freight station (CFS) on site at destination via cargo work and bonded transportation before customs clearance of imported goods. Most countries around the world exempt cargo for move from import duties, while some countries like China, Vietnam and India levy duties on such cargo.

  • Delivery Service

When customs clearance is completed, the cargo is delivered to destined home at date scheduled with its consignor, and our agency personnel assemble any disassembled furniture and place it at desired positions. However, it is strongly recommended that consignor unpack and arrange out of containing clothes, books and dishes for himself. If necessary, you can use extra MAID SERVICE available from our agencies.

Calculation of Moving Costs

The Cargo for move to abroad is carried largely via ocean or air freight, but if you want to deliver small quantity of cargo promptly, its carriage via air transport. There are 3 ways of fixing freight. “Origin service charge”, ‘Ocean/Air freight”, and ‘destination charge.”


This charge covers the expenses required from packing at consignor’s home to shipping at home port(or airport), including packing charges, in land forwarding charges, harbor(airport) improvement expenses, customs clearance fee(freight charges) and documentation fee.





When extra container is in use Full Container load, ocean freight is fixed based on 20′ or 40′ container, and if container is carried in combination with other cargos Less Container Load, he freight is fixed based on cubic meter (CBM = m’).


- The freight is fixed based on cargo weight (kg), and if a cargo weighs less 45.0kg, minimum rate is applied to it, while special rate shall be applied for over 1000 kg.

- For light weight cargo, the freight is fixed based on volume weight. Here, the weight is calculated in the following way: (Ex.) If a 1 m3 (1 CBM) is calculated in volume weight, its weight amounts to 100 cm x 100cm x 100 cm I 6000 = 167.0 kg.


This is the charge incurred on site at destination, which also includes harbor improvement expenses, stevedoring charges, freight charges for import, container freight, home delivery freight and labor cost incurred after container arrives destination port(or airport). In addition, destination charge is rated at total sum of the above 3 charges basically in CBM (m’).

   CBM (Cubic Meter) means 1m(width) x 1m(length) x 1m(height). It is also a specification prepared for estimating total volume, when packed cargo is loaded into container. Once there are different shipping freights and destination charges applied among each country and city, unit charge per CBM varies naturally. In addition, the unit charge per CBM also varies in charge category such as ROOM TO ROOM, ROOM TO DOOR and ROOM TO PORT.

Total amount of freight is equal to (TOTAL CBM x unit cost I CBM) plus insurance.